Learn how to build your own Detective Pikachu Burger.

Pikachu Burger

Multiply the ingredients by the amount of Pikachu burgers you are wanting to make. 

Servings 1 Burger
Author Renee Virata,


  • Hamburger or cheeseburger prepared as desired
  • 2 black olive slices
  • 2 mini pepperoni slices
  • 1 tablespoon black candy wafers or chocolate chips
  • 2 Bugle Crispy Corn Snacks
  • Toothpicks


  1. Melt black chocolate candy wafers or chocolate chips in a small bowl.
  2. Dip the tips of each Bugle into the melted candy. Put aside to allow melted candy to set completely.

  3. Position the black olive slices on the top bun of the hamburger to resemble Pikachu’s eyes. Attach with melted candy or toothpicks.
  4. Use a toothpick dipped in melted candy to place a dot between the eyes as Pikachu’s nose.
  5. Below the nose, draw a curved line to be Pikachu’s mouth using the toothpick and melted candy.

  6. To each side of Pikachu’s mouth, attach a mini pepperoni using a toothpick or melted candy.
  7. Press two toothpicks through the top of the bun and rest a Bugle on each toothpick.

Recipe Notes

*Remind children to remove any toothpicks prior to eating.*